Children…Meet the Internet

So I have two kids, two boys. They are two and one years old.
Boys, meet the internet. Internet, meet the boys.


This is Leo and Luke. And they actually have full names. Leonard Alexander and Lukas James. Leo is my chihuahua and Luke is my chunky chiweenie.


Leo is my sweetie sweetums. Sweetest little thing on earth. He couldn’t be mean if he tried, and he’s tried. He’s such an oddly put together little guy. His dad is a little long haired chihuahua and his mom was a skinny short haired thing with these long deer legs. He came out pigeon-toed on his back legs, one of his front legs is about an inch longer than the rest, he’s double jointed (you should see him army crawl across the house), and only one of his testicles dropped (it’s gotta come out through surgery).


And then we’ve got Luke. He’s basically a toddler. A lazy…lazy, lazy, lazy…toddler. And check out those ears. I don’t have to pay for satellite TV because he gets great reception as it is. He’s double jointed like Leo, but only uses that to stretch reeeeeeally good in the mornings. And after naps. He sleeps like a child at night and takes up half the bed, and snores like a grown man.


You know I was talking with a friend about considering dogs as children. They are furbabies. And then some guy decided to say that girls that own little dogs should not call themselves ‘moms’ and celebrate Mother’s Day.

Let me explain something to you.
The only difference between my two year old and yours, is that you can claim yours on your taxes.
My boys depend on me. They wouldn’t last a day on their own. I provide shelter, food and water, warmth, love, interaction, clothing (mostly just for Leo because he gets cold easily – typical chihuahua); I clean up after their messes; I discipline them; I encourage them; I teach them; I bathe them. They need doctor visits just like kids. The expenses that go into having them are definitely not equal to the expenses of raising a human child, but since when did money make someone’s life more important? They are DEPENDENT on ME. I am the mom. I am a proud MOM. And even though it’s damn sad to say, my dogs behave better than most people’s children. And you can take that to the bank.

<3 S