Kids Having Kids

Kids Having Kids

It’s a goddamn epidemic. We are not in a third-world country. We do not lack access to information. So why are so many young girls having kids? Getting pregnant isn’t even the issue anymore. The fact that these young girls are going through with the pregnancies, is. You HAVE a choice and that choice affects more than just you. Sure you blow up and get morning sickness and weird cravings and eventually have to push a watermelon out your peehole. But then who is going to pay for that $9,000 hospital bill? And who is going to buy all those baby supplies? And what about insurance and doctor visits? You really want to throw that hardship on your family? Oh no wait, you’ll get by with foodstamps, WIC, and basically the taxpayers’ money.

Do not misunderstand me. I support those government programs that help out those that need it. Everyone needs some help sometimes. Foodstamps can be a godsend for families and individuals struggling or just barely making it by. And WIC is an amazing resource. However…when you are 16 and 17 and 18 (and even younger, I’ve seen) and you are calling on those resources because YOU decided it would be a good idea to have a kid when you are a kid yourself…shame. When you think about it, it’s a little rude to be using someone else’s tax money for your poor decision. You wouldn’t need them if you had put more thought into your life.

Just take a step back for a second and really think if you really want to bring a new life into your current situation. JUST THINK FOR ONCE!

And not just the girls. These little boys running around sticking their pecker in anything that has a pulse and telling them it’s because of ‘love.’ Shame on you, too. Guaranteed, there is nothing wrong with your hand. Instead of spending money on that fake gold chain, those useless shoes that will be out of style by next month, or that cap to go with the rest of your collection, go buy a box of condoms. Take some damn responsibility. If you think you’re grown enough to have sex, be grown enough to buy condoms.

Talk about goddamn tunnel vision.

There are so many options out there but for one reason or another, they are not utilized.

I guess religion has played a role into this problem. There are religions that don’t allow birth control to begin with. Good for them. But you know what? Your god isn’t going to pay your bills or put food on the table. You can’t tell the hospital to bill your god for the delivery costs. Your landlord sure as hell isn’t going to accept that.
“Yeah, just fax an invoice to him. He’ll take care of me.”
No. That’s not how it works.
Why would you bring a new being into this world without knowing that you can provide for them without significant struggle?
“Because if it’s supposed to happen, god will make it happen.”
No. Use your brain. It’s simple biology. The sperm is supposed to find the egg.

After a while, it’s almost like these kids are doing it on purpose. How hard is it to use a condom? How hard is it to get on the pill? Or, and this is just the wildest idea of all, how hard is it to just not have sex?

99% of the time I honestly feel as though sex is overrated. It’s a process, it’s a hassle, it’s messy. I would rather sleep. Or go eat some delicious food.


Same Shit, Different Year

Cheerful, no?

Well it’s true. A close friend of mine explained it in a bit of a rant.

“The idea that with the simple turn of a clock, all of the problems from the day/month/year before will suddenly disappear and you are entitled to a pseudo-divine clean slate perplexes me. Your problems are still your problems, and they will only get better when you address them, regardless of when you do it. A positive attitude despite your challenges is a good place to start.”

True enough. It is a new year, but guess what, those cell phone contracts you’re in a still valid. As well as your mortgage, car payments, insurance, debts, relationship problems, anxieties, insecurities, etc. As far as personal growth goes, you should always have goals for yourself. You’re going to continue to grow, so why not? Of course, change definitely does not happen overnight, so it can be easier to lay out goals in the form of a New Years’ Resolution. And looking back on an entire, if you’re honest with yourself, can really give you a general overview of things. A lot of stuff can happen in twelve months. Circumstances change, karma kicks in, your luck is up, your luck is down.

So here is mine:
I will stop explaining myself. Which is funny in this aspect because I am explaining it right now. But in my everyday life, I will cease to do it. There are times when I do things, say something, act a certain way…and not everyone understands it. That’s fine. They might ask ‘why?’ and that’s fine, too. What is not fine, however, is when someone constantly tells me they don’t understand me and just as constantly wants me to walk them through my entire thought process. Eventually it gets to the point where I need to just walk away or do something so drastic that said person can grow the balls to walk away themselves.

I did not come with an instruction manual and you don’t get an answer key. I’m not going to change just because someone says I should. If I see I need to change something about myself, that’s when change will happen. If someone doesn’t fit your expectations of an ‘ideal person,’ then you just need to leave them alone. Stop telling them how imperfect they are in your eyes. Talk about rude.

There are the few that are in my life because I am the way I am. They are in my life because they want to be. They are in my life because they love me just the way I am. Those elite few don’t need explanations for why I do what I do, why I say what a say. So I’m not going to waste breath. The ones that try to come into my life, are going to have to get on board with that.

On another New Year note, it is the year of the snake! My year. Oooh Shaye for the win! I looked a bit up about those born during the year of the snake and here’s what I found about general traits.
Positive: The snake can be amiable, compromising, fun-loving, altruistic, honorable, sympathetic, philosophical, charitable, a paragon of fashion, intuitive, discreet, diplomatic, amusing, and sexy.
Pretty good, no? I definitely don’t agree with ALL of those in relation to myself, but then again I could just be a harsher critic on myself than others might be on me.

And the negative: The snake can also be self-righteous, imperious, judgmental, conniving, mendacious, grabby, clinging, pessimistic, fickle, haughty, ostentatious, and a very sore loser.
You know…just because these were slapped with the negative label by someone else, does not mean they are in fact negative. Take out the last bit about being a sore loser and you just have someone that’s a bitch. Even with the last bit, just a bitch. Of course if you overdo it, then yes, being a bitch can be a nuisance. But I’m a nice bitch. Promise.

I guess I, along with many others, am hoping this year will be significantly better than last year. No shame in that. But it’s only going to happen if I make it happen.

So in native traditional celebratory language, CHEERS! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Wham Bam Bodyslam!

Hello Jello!
So welcome to my little site. Very little. But size doesn’t matter.

I really have nothing profound to say right now. Kind of like the first day of class. There is absolutely nothing to talk about except what to expect. But I can’t even tell you that because I don’t even know. What a great help I’m turning out to be.
So we’ll move along to introductions.
I am Shaye! I’m a Colorado native. I’m a college student. I really can’t be put into a specific category. I make my own! I dream big. And you’ll either love me or hate me.