This is more of a quick rant. Fairly short.

So have you noticed that lately asking a person’s sexual orientation is becoming a thing that people feel the need to ask? I’ve been seeing it in celebrity interviews quite a bit. Since there’s been quite an uproar over equal marriage rights and such, everyone wants to know what everyone is now.

I mean I guess it could eventually become one of those ‘fun facts’ like knowing someone’s favorite color or whether they prefer Chipotle or Qdoba. But just like those little fun facts…who the hell cares? What is it to you.

And since the world is still having some idiotic homophobic issues, why are you going to  ask a question like that right now? Kids get bullied for coming out of the closet, but you want to ask someone on the spot, on national television, what their sexual orientation is.  I don’t know. Maybe it could be a good thing, having high profile folk express their sexual orientation and still continue with life. Maybe it could show the rest of the world that they need to get over it.

I think I’ve been asked only a handful of times as to which side of the fence I was hanging out on. I don’t think I ever told anyone I was straight. I told my mom I thought I was a lesbian when I was 13. I was comfortable with the bisexual label for a few years. But you know what. It’s that word: label.

Humans have that god awful need to label and categorize every damn thing.

We’ve got all these labels so we can put someone in a judgmental category based on their sexual orientation, because that’s just oh-so fucking important, right?

Gay, lesbian, bi, straight, asexual, pansexual…

So I have decided that it is nobody’s goddamn business.


I turn myself on, kthx.


And really, how could I not?