I hate bugs.


Hate is a strong word and it is the most accurate for this.
We live next to a field so pests are kind of expected. And it’s summer so mother nature thinks it’s cute be out in FULL FORCE with all the flowers and grass and such. But I guess living on the top floor on a condominium is just prime real estate for spiders. I’m pissed.

Some of these spiders –JUMPING spiders, to make matters worse– have found their way into my home. I don’t want to fume the crap out of my house because that is too much hassle. I DID, however, get this spray stuff from Home Depot and it has helped, but there’s always the ones that manage to get away. And these little bites are driving me nuts. The itching…is brutal. The anti-itch cream does absolutely nothing for me. And it’s extra strength! I tried the Windex home remedy and that was working pretty great for a while. Nothing like spraying ammonia on your itchy skin, right? But it was helping! However, I had to let it air dry for it to be most effective and that is just flat out…just no. I’m tired of walking around with my arm held up at an awkward angle and Windex running down my leg. Just NO.

So one day I was wasting my life away on Pinterest and I found another home remedy for bug bites. And I think it’s supposed to work for a majority of bug bites (so mosquitoes, spiders, maybe bees, ants). Of course I didn’t click like so I could go back to it. All I did was think, ‘Oh man, I’m gonna have to remember that one.’

That was a week or two ago…or so. I got another bite today and it’s on my HAND. The annoyance. I sprayed Windex and was reminded of the air drying fiasco and that led me to jump on Google. Got my butt in gear.

Are you ready for this awesome trick?




Hot water. I want to say searing, but it’s not. We’re not trying to cause 3rd degree burns on top of a bug bite, here. But think of when you’re running water for a nice hot bubble bath and you think it’s going to be like a hot tub and you can suds yourself up while the knots in your muscles are softened out…and then you stick your foot into the water and it feels like you just stepped into a human sized soup pot. (How’s that for a run-on?) So think of that and then take it down a notch or two to where it’s still kind of uncomfortably hot but not scalding. WE DON’T WANT BURNS HERE, PEOPLE. Stick the offending bug bitten area under (or in, depending on where that bite is) the hot water for…ohhh I don’t know. Maybe 30 seconds to a minute. Supposedly, the heat helps to destroy the enzyme in the bite that causes the itching. You might only need to do this once or you may need to do it periodically. For me, as long as I’m not walking around smelling like Eau de Ammonia, I’m stoked. And it was pretty instant for me, compared to the other remedies.

I feel though, that in this day and age, I have to add a disclaimer. I am NOT in ANY WAY responsible for any injuries you may incur by doing this. Use some common sense, folks.

Man. Come ONNNNN, winter! I’m ready whenever you are!!