Got Turkey? And pho? And ring?

What a packed Thanksgiving.

I must say I love that my family has everything. I’m not stuck with some boring Thanksgiving dinner. No ma’am Pam! Of course we have the typical Thanksgiving grub. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy…woohoo. BUT. Then we get tamales and red chili and PHO. When’s the last time you had pho for Thanksgiving? Yeah.

But aside from having a massive food baby (gotta fuel up for Black Friday!), I got another surprise!



Yup. It went and happened. The night before Thanksgiving, actually. He put it in my bowl of pie and ice cream and brought it to me. Caught me off guard. Couldn’t even talk. Rare phenomenon right there, folks. So that’s the first ring. Then we went a got me another ring! Because the first one is his mom’s. Pretty kickass of her to let him use it, right?


I cannot seem to get a good picture of this thing. However, it is way cute. It has stuff engraved on the inside and there’s three little hearts underneath the diamonds. One day I’ll post up better pictures of it. Just not today.


And now for less serious business…the mister is having his first REAL bowl of pho. I say REAL because the first time he had it, he ordered it with chicken. …really? Whatever. He made it, he ate it, and it was great! He was trying to wait for the turkey and all the other normal food, but with enough peer pressure and the fact that he was otherwise starving, he got the pho appetizer. Win.


THEN he wanted pictures together. I tried to satisfy this request with a couple selfies, but he was not pleased. So I had to fluff my hair and sit down and look nice. For whatever reason, though, no one told me to go dab the shinyness off my face! Rude. And since I am not the biggest fan of OTHERS taking pictures of me, this is how my face turned out. With my awesome bandaid accessory (I got a flu shot at my appointment this week). And speaking of said bandaid…I got a lot of criticism from my MOM for having it show. Just can’t win, man. Well with all the bandaid backlash going on I decided to take it off. Which led to THIS masterpiece, enlarged for your viewing pleasure:


Mister had managed to keep the same face the ENTIRE TIME. But taking that bandaid off was damn painful. The adhesive had to be the very close cousin of super glue. And while the last two shots of the sequence look as though I am trying to pose for a glamour shot, I was really just trying to see what the hell was going on between the bandaid and my skin. I suppose the dialogue would go something like this:
1. Okay, I’ll take the bandaid off.
2. Noooo!
3. It hurts baaaaaad!
4. Agh! Is it almost off?
5. Okay. Just one more pull. I got this.

Whomp whomp. I can be such a weenie. Certified!

Hope everyone else had a super stuffed food coma day.